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Stability in a career never comes overnight. But if one really wants a stable job then there is only one Trick which can fulfill all your needs. That special trick is “FIND YOUR DREAM JOB”. Once you get your dream job, all the problems will vanish away from your life. Now from here, the question arises- how to identify “DREAM JOB” of yours? First, let’s just discuss little about this term “Dream Job”.
A Dream job is a job that comprises of your passion, talents and uniqueness and capability in such a manner that you feel contended and finds true and long lasting happiness. It also gives meaning to your life at the same time. As we all know that we find so many difficulties in identifying our dream job. So, here are some points which may help you to make your vision more clear while choosing your dream job.
Always take care of three things i.e. Passion, Talent, and career. Each and every person knows his/her hidden talents and knows in which field he/she has a great passion. The above-shown equation denotes that it is the MONEY that plays a vital role in your daily life survival. So, choose very wisely what to do and what to not.
In every stable job, we have to do some kind tradeoff. But if you want a dream job then blend the three things together: No stress, Good money and flexible schedule. Yes, you will face some stress and soulless at work but one has to negotiate to achieve something.
Aristotle said that “Where the needs of the world and youth talent cross, there lies your vocation”. Always find your purpose what you love to do, what you are good at, what world’s needs, etc. Because, if you get the trick to decode these codes then you will definitely get your dream job.
“The world is changing so fast that everything you learn becomes outdated in every five years”- Steven Johnson
Conclusion of the discussion is- Always get updated. Use technology to the fullest. Do not get trapped in one thing. Keep on searching for new things online. Mobility plays a vital role in the present era, so never ever get entangled in anything. Always stay positive and stay YOU.
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