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The Gods of Bollywood industry; Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan. Today, we are going to reveal a deep secret about these three biggest actors of Bollywood- these three actors are IMMORTALS. Yes! you heard it right. From the inception of their careers, they have proved that age never matters to them at all. Despite, all the up’s and down’s in their filmy journey, they never get bothered or worried about anything.
Here are the 5 prominent reasons why they are immortals: -
1) Fix with any young actress or sometimes with "newly born" actress: -
All the top three Khans of Bollywood always cast young actresses opposite them in the films. Sometimes, the age of the actress is almost counted as double as theirs which doesn't make a perfect match. For this reason, I guess they should stop casting heroines who are equivalent to their daughter’s age.
2) Can play any role
Three of them crossed the half century in age but in terms of character selection, they can play any character whether a college student, school student, infant. They are just perfect in everything.
3) Always Young, no age bar
Immortal word just suits them perfectly. They are like, always energetic, always young but sometimes they really don’t fit into the image of the character. Recent mistake, I mean to say- a recent example is Salman khan’s Tubelight. Hope in coming 40-50 years, they will realize that age does matter on screen.
4) No need of good story
This point especially related to Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan. They both are exceptions, no matter, what type of movie they create, that will surely be going to cross the 100 crores collection very easily.
After all, the extraordinary talents of these three Khans of Bollywood, I guess it’s high time for the Khans to think and analyze that Yes, AGE does matter while selecting co-stars or creating a movie.
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