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Sunny Leone has been the point of talks across India, has swept Bollywood with her charisma and taken the glam proportion a markup with her super-bold avatar.
Whenever I think of Sunny Leone, Mahatma Gandhi’s great words strike me,
“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
She braved antagonism, even disgrace, sometimes at the hands of self-proclaimed society custodians for the choices she's made, but emerged stronger as the good human being.
We admired Sunny when she spoke boldly at CNN-IBN interview with TV journalist Bhupendra Chaubey.
It also became a trending topic on social media platforms for the approach in which the journalist constantly questioned former porn star’s past. Many termed the questions asked by the journalist as misogynistic, chauvinist and highly odious. The interview has also led to an outburst of support for the film star.
Why was Accepting Sunny Leone never a choice for Bollywood?
Simply because the ball was in the courts of the Indian audience. Her venerable approach to naysayers earned her the admiration and love of those, who may have mocked her before.
Let me give you a small example, we simple loved Kareena Kapoor when she gave us the hit number-
But raised slogans of society and culture against a sex comedy. Every sex comedy comes with an “A” certificate and as a civil society, we do understand the meaning of it whereas the others, with an ‘Unrestricted’ ticket, have some of the sleaziest numbers and scenes. I’m amazed by with this double standards.
Why having two Voices for the same issue?
We love to hound the meager, the defenseless, the truthful, but would not urge to comment on a big shot. We are soft on liars and single out those who either sincerely agree to their mistakes or are impenitent about the choices they have lived with. I am sure Sunny would have had a better tête-à-tête if she would have shorn of her times of yore and had said that all the porn was “plot” against her!
And Bollywood has accepted us the way she was because she is a true rockstar, the way she tackles sexism still emerges as an absolute friggin winner is applaud worthy!
We are people of change and so is Bollywood; who has accepted Sunny Leone the way she is.WHICH IS FEARLESS AND FREE!
It's 2017, people! Grow up!
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