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Pandas are chubby and are appreciated for their cuteness. There’s a reason why millions adore these furry exemplars of China’s “soft power”.
They are fluffy.
They are cuddle-worthy.
And they are everything in between.
And on most of my days, I wish I was one of them, here’s why-
1. So I could just EAT EAT AND EAT minus regrets!
2. So when I will act lazy, people will be still like “Oh! How cute you are!
3. I could sleep all day, without being judged!
4. Every day will be Sunday for me!
5. Free hugs will be distributed generously!
6. I can live freely with mother earth! Such a blessing
7. Fuck the work and boss because who cares!
8. Boredom= 0. Because I will always have friends to roll over them!
9. My life= just take a chill pill!
So, who else want to join me?
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