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What’s your definition of making love? If it includes rose petals and candlelight dinners then you need to amp up a bit. Because love needs to grow up with times and convert to sex.
As a teenager, we think sex is all about porn and mushy things, but actually, it way more than it.
Are “making love” and sex two different things
Yes. Sex is bio-mechanical and natural, we all know how to do it.Sometimes sex can be kinky. At times, it is like vanilla.
Love making on the other hand is leisurely, sensual, not purpose oriented which allows us to enjoy the metaphysical being of oneness. It won’t be wrong to say that making love in itself is an art!
You can have sex with anyone, but can’t make love to everyone
Lovemaking involves devotion and pinch of emotion. It not only about two bodies sharing the same feeling but also showing care and affection for each other.
A passionate ‘love making’ act can let you reach new depths
Lovemaking is an ecstatic experience, which stays on for life. It’s a complex expression of LOVE itself. It allows you to touch your partner’s SOUL, not just her body. Allow your instinct to guide your gestures and actions, you will find yourself being more inventive. You will never have to be concerned about repeating yourself or get worried about what to do next.
Having sex is like feeding your physical needs
Sex gives you a physical thrill and makes you high. Fake moans and ‘porn style sex’ can give you temporary pleasure but eventually, you will start feeling hollow after a time.
Why ‘love making’ wins over sex?
It’s very simple and normal to just have sex, but to know how to connect for life with someone on a deeper level, and win over heart, mind, and person takes a little bit of devotion.
Lovemaking + happiness= love grows with times!
The best part about lovemaking with the correct person is that as your love grows, so does your craze. Just like fine wine, it tastes better when it’s old. Over time, you learn about each other’s habits as months and years pass by.
Sex is no bad, it’s just depends what choices you make, and what you want from life. Be true to your lover, but most essentially be true to yourself.
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