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Delhi is not only famous for its food and people but also for its scorching summers. Each summer comes with a breaking new of setting new temperature records. And with summers comes lots of tanning and skin darkening. Here are some unavoidable problem every Delhi girl faces in summers-
1. You will find yourself constantly drenched in sweat and more sweat.
2. Take a rickshaw in summers and bad hair day hits you hard.
3. Wearing jeans cling to your legs is like walking with a burning train tied on feet.
4. Applying kaajal and stepping out- HELLO GORGEOUS! After 1 hour-, A CHANDRAMUKHE WAS SPOTTED!
5. Having underboob sweat is perhaps the most awful of that lot, though, because there is no fine way of wiping it off.
6. A face full of glittery make-up can do nothing to cover up the pain within because IT JUST WON'T STAY.
7. Kudos to every Delhi girl! Because after all these pain they still look picture perfect AT ALL TIMES.
... once you've lived in this city, there's no other place the world you'll ever be able to fall in love with again. Well, that's the weird and wonderful thing about this city. It's (more than) flawed but it's YOURS.
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