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Dear ladies, don’t shy away many of us have been on that road and it's totally cool that we want to keep it locked in our hearts. It’s in fact kind of strange if you haven’t had a one-night-stand or a no-strings hookup at some point of your life. They can be thrilling, and they make things way less problematical. But sometimes the adventure of seducing a stranger do come with a little baggage.
Your one night stand can go wonderfully or be disastrous enough to run off the window. Either way, here are 7 Wtf thoughts every woman has when she’s in the middle of a casual hookup.
1. “Fuck, I haven’t shaved since days”
Period. A single and lazy girl enjoys the liberty to be little bush-y and owning a biking line that has not be looked after for months.
2. OMG Switch off that god damn light
You are having sex with a stranger, and nobody enjoys 100 volts of light on their face. The darker the merrier!
3. “So are we supposed to start it with talking first..or just bang on?”
Consent is very important before hitting the bush. People often freak out, at times because talking makes things messy.
4. “How can I make sure he is not a serial killer?”
Kilos of crime stories have added a fear in our minds. Just in the middle of night, your mind pops the question of him being a serial killer, then no one can save you.
5. “When was the last time these sheets were washed?”
Believe it or not but men can be quite messy at times. And you if you are landing in his bachelor pad, and then chances are high that he owns a chaotic flat. Thoughts like, "has he even washed his bed sheets", or is "his pillow smelling weird is quite normal". Suck it up BITCH!
6. “Should you stay or get out once we are done?”
It’s still kind of early. One can probably go back to the bar and find their friends. You are not compelled to sleep here, right? Oh, ew, and then he will suddenly start cuddling up.
7. In the morning rushing to book a cab and the great feeling “OMG! I actually did that!”
Should you feel glad that you did it or be sorry about it? Well, secretly you can hope for a future too or just close the chapter and move on, quite impressed by yourself!
In spite of whether it’s a march of pleasure or walk of shame, you can’t lose sight of the one-night stand’s main purpose: getting it in, and then getting the f*ck out. As long as you achieve those two things, you’re pretty much unbeatable, er, right?
One-night stands are not more than open and shut book. So, chillax and enjoy the breeze!
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