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Every 90’s kid loved to groove on hit numbers like Brazil and Kaaliyo Ka Chaman for a reason! How many have you felt liberated after watching “ Kaata Laga” girl dancing in a disco?
But there were some fault in our preferences, (but we adored them back the), if you see them today, you will also feel “were we stoned?”!
1. When your friends start throwing popcorns on you in a middle of a movie. The song "Pehle wo pehla, pyaar tera mera" was definitely a hit, but what was that?!
2. Meghna Naidu appearing topless in "Kaliyon Ka Chaman".
3. Sonu Nigam literally appearing as a ghost in " Bijuria".
4. When hero magically opens a car merely using your earring in 'Chudi Jo Khanki'
5. Deepal Shaw's certainly was studying in India's coolest school, her uniform shows so in "Leke Pehla Pehla Pyar".
6. Nigar Khan was certainly feeling a level high! You can see her feeling her bum in " Chadte Jawaani tere"!
7. Do you remember the "Kaanta Laga" phase? Yes, the famous Shefali can be seen her getting an entry stamp on her breasts! Literally
8. "Tu Tu hai wohe" introduced us to the world of phone sex and we kinda loved it! These 3 leading ladies in pink used to set the screen on fire!
9. Collect cups marked with girl's lipstick in exchange for A KISS! Yes, because that's what happened in " Dekha hai teri aankho mein"
10. This is supposed to be the office of Rakhi Sawant in "Pardesia".
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