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The Hobson-Jobson says that the word Jalebi came from the Arabic word Zulabiya or the Persian Zalibiya, which are the names for a similar dish. A 10th-century cookbook of Iran, where it is mentioned that it was served to the poor during Ramadan, gives numerous recipes for Zulubiya. Kundalika and Jallavaalika were the names by which Jalebi was known during the 15th century in India.
A Jain author Jinasura mentions ‘Jalebi being served at dinner by a rich merchant’ in his book Priyamkarnpa katha, during 1450 CE. From then till now, a lot of change has taken place and today, we have a huge variety of jalebi’s. So, let’s discuss on different varieties of jalebi’s and the best place to taste it. Also, how can one get an extra TADKA while eating Jalebi’s.
Take a look: -
Paneer is simply crushed and added to the Jalebi batter. The tough part is when you get the straight design of Jalebi in the frying pan. If you have ever tried your hands on it, you would know what I am talking about.
Mawa jalebi is a special sweet dish in Madhya Pradesh where it is prepared in numerous ways. It’s having a thick paste of “mawa” and dry fruit as a stuffing.
Small and crispy jalebi having a full flavor of “Kesar” in it. It is the crispiest jalebi in this league. It is most famous in North India and some part of South India.
One the most famous food item in Chandni Chowk. It’s a totally different form of jalebi. It is bigger in size and one single piece weights around 300-400gms. A must try jalebi. Oops! it’s Jaleba.
Almost same like the paneer jalebi but the main ingredient with which this jalebi is made jalebi is CHANAR. It is known as one of the famous sweet of Bengal and usually Bengalis make this dish on many auspicious occasions.
If you are a JALEBI lover and you can’t resist after looking at the pics of Jalebis then you don’t have to worry. There are many places in Delhi where these delicious Jalebi’s are served. Some top places include BENGALI SWEETS near the Mandi house metro station (C.P). Apart from that, Trans-Yamuna Shahdra’s DILLI DARBAR which is best known for its Paneer Jalebi, and if by chance you visit Delhi-6 (usually known as Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk area) then do visit the Famous Jalebi Wala and Haldiraam for laziz jalebi’s.
You can give more “TADKA” in your jalebi treat by adding few more things. In North India, each state has its own way to eat jalebi. Like in Lucknow, DAHI-JALEBI is quite famous. Also, in Delhi, people love to have DUDH-JALEBI. You can try jalebi with Dubki and RABDI also. It tastes deliciously awesome.
There is this endless swirl of sweetness that wraps itself around one’s taste buds with a Hurrah. It then just goes straight to your heart and etches its mark on it forever. Yes, I am talking about the tasty loopholes that will definitely go to hypnotize you with just a single glance. So, this coming Rainy Season, have fun with mouth-watering Jalebi’s.
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