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Shocked beyond repair! These words by and far describe Virat Kohli and team performance in IPL 2017.
The KKR match was so poor that Kohli was forced to say it as ‘probably our worst batting performance, if not the worst of all time in IPL. Very hurtful for me to stand here and talk’ .
But what is actually leading to RCB boys crumbing?
Everyone has exactly the same question in their mind! I support RCB, not because I'm am a big fan of Virat Kohli and Bangalore had always been close to my heart, but the poor performance is making me restless. But RCB just managed two wins from their first seven matches.
First let’s count the batsman tycoons RCB owns-
The reason why they don't win perhaps they have individual players who do not function well as a squad. And come on, the IPL isn't about team play (though the cause for any team's triumph unquestionably is team play). It is about entity engaging performances with the bat & ball. And the players will persist to make money because they are proving themselves in person. So not giving a damn about team performances is fine.
RCB is even lacking mentor like-
Now, RCB is virtually out of the leagues, after registering embarrassing defeats with IPL lowest ever score 49 runs, they will have some time to think about their strategy. The Royal Challengers Bangalore are placed sixth on the table with 5 points in eight league matches so far and would need a wonder to meet the criteria for the playoffs. With Mumbai topping the charts with highest 12 points in the eight league matches and smashing performance by Knight Riders taking the second spot with 10 points, IPL has much more action left.
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