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I vaguely remember, my boyfriend’s face when I confessed him that “I do watch porn”, and it left him in splits! Adrenaline coursing through my veins,” Is it wrong to do so?”
I knew he was a porn buff. I could even name his much-loved porn star. But the instant I told him that I too adored porn, his eyes filled with repulsion. The words spewing out of his mouth were not softer: “You’re strange, girls don’t watch porn. It’s sternly a guy thing.”
But his words echoed in my ears for a long time- how does watching porn makes me unladylike and eerie? But it took me some time to realize that there is nothing wrong in it and I still relish it with delight-
Porno has a history!
Pornography has always lived –just look at the hieroglyphs the Egyptians left behind. The difference? These days we air in HD, instead of carving it into rock.
There is nothing wrong in being open with one’s sexual preferences
Disgrace and remorse are ingrained in girls at a young age. We are made to feel culpable about our sexuality. We are continually reminded that humility and purity are the most vital qualities a girl can own. Don’t we all keep in mind our mothers telling us “Men want to wed decent girls?”
I am not addicted to it. Binge watch is a better word.
I am not one with an addictive character. I don’t hold hard drives full of porno, I binge and then drop things as my mood moves for something else. I would watch porn every night for a couple weeks. Depends on my temperament. Clearly, I am not addicted to it. Just like I smoked and never became obsessed to nicotine and drank, but never turned to become an alcoholic. I was just watching it and could stop anytime I wanted. No harm was done, because I was still in be in charge of.
I’m picky, though. I’m cautious with my viewing delight.
I only watch films that are well executed and host agreeable actors. If I notice the fear in his or her eyes, depression or intoxication, I turn it off right away.
We love sex. Period. We love chatting about it, reading about it, having it and watching it, even if we won’t confess it. Well, I will! I love sex and I love porn. It is this simple. I guess my confession towards porn makes me mere human and a fucking honest one!
Not all porn is awful, and let’s be sensible, pornography rules the web. My old friend often says, “Dear !The internet is porn.” !
So the next time a lady “confesses” she watches porn, try applauding her eagerness to be open and let her know that it actually should not be a declaration, but something to own.
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