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"It's a new age 'witch hunt' where women are being called names, lynched and threatened for not adhering to society’s idea of what a woman is and how she should conduct ."
India based conceptual photographer Victorua Krundysheva recently shared some of her amazing work on modern Indian witches.
No matter how free, strong and self-confident you are as a woman, the social order just won't spare you rage of being judged. And this has been a problem since time immemorial. Nowadays, being self-assured normally translates into being a 'bitch' and in a potent ironic photo series, photographer Victoria Krundysheva addresses this very matter
Here’s how to spot a witch in the modern era:
# 1. "Witch is often looking self-assured and not afraid of her sexuality; she will wear vivid colours and draw attention."
#2 "They are weird and may not perform in a customary womanly fashion. The easiest way – throw something revolting on them – if they are not frightened – you have found a witch."
#3" You can mark them with a book or attempting to have logical conversations…what an loathing."
#4 "You need to know – they don’t drench, so be on watch out for women who even after you threw them in the water or problems and pushed them under are still rising, stronger than before."
#5 Witches are often liberated and free spirited – these are the most perilous kinds – they can’t be restrained and need to be right away eradicated.
#6 “These witches live by their female friendship; they die with each other’s secrets.’’
# 8 “These are well-opinionated witches, and always have a voice which often seems load for some”
These are the modern witch of today times! How many have you spotted near you?
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