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“Wo summer he kya, jisme garmi-ke-chuttiya na ho , aur gola wale se roz mulakat na ho!” Well, Galib has not said these words (and why he would) but they are true and close to our hearts in every way.
There was a time when kids used to dream about two blissful months. The summers were not too hot, nor were the days too long. There was utterly nothing other than the wonderfully sweet hours of playing and the carefree days of pure contentment.
If you ask any 90’s kid, what’s special memories he holds of summers, then these may top the list-
There is no need of time machine, as Rooh Afza and Rasna will do the job much precisely! The golden days of life cannot return for sure, but we can always re-live the times with the help of these memories!
Designed By Vikas Kakkar
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