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These are hard days for Indian techies, and it’s not going to get much better. 21st April 2017 the news, which made headlines, was hard-hitting and shocking-
Country’s third largest software service company- Wipro sacked over 600 employees post-performance appraisal. But this news seems more hard hitting when it is combined with current situation like-
As soon as Donald Trump took the oath to serve as America’s president, his first move was to curb foreign employees and he did that with signing executive orders to overhaul America’s H-1B program, which allows overseas employees to work in the US for up to six years.
In the middle of the winds of ambiguity that have been raging since Trump’s elections, many Indians in the US have been looking for comeback. In the last month of 2016, roughly 600 US-based Indians were looking for jobs in India. By the end of last month, there were nearly 7,000.
The UK started to work on this policy since 2012 only when they abolished their post-study work visa. It allowed them to show doors to all the graduates who didn’t have a job in their hands after finishing their course. It resulted in declining numbers between 2014 and 2015, the number of first-year Indians enrolling in UK universities dropped 10% from 11,270 to 10,125.
The new blow to Indian techies has started from April 6th when Tier 2 short-term intra-company transfers—the condition under which Indian tech companies normally take their workers to the UK—has been discontinued.
At least 30,000 Indian software techies at present working in the UK will not have their work permits renewed, India’s National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) told The Hindu Business Line.
Singapore may be 10,000 miles away from the USA, but still, The Trump effect is making things difficult for India. Singapore’s population is roughly 5.6 million with over workforce 40% population are non- residents.
Nasscom has also ruled out that it is ‘shutting the tap down’ on Indian workers to ensure that more and more Singaporeans are employed first.
According to the latest NDTV report, the total population of Indian techies in Singapore has been shrunken to below 10,000.
Days after Aussie PM Malcolm Turnbull tours a metro ride with Modi, go back and cancel its 457 visas, which authorized employers to pay skilled foreign talent to work in the country for up to four years.
Indians are deeply hurt by this move as – the largest population-nearly a quarter of these visas were enjoyed by Indians.
Australia is replacing the 457 visa with two fresh types of provisional visas—one that lasts two years and another that lasts four. The criterion to obtain these visas will be certainly difficult: applicants will have to show previous work skill and a high level of English language ability.
It took just one to follow the steps of neighboring country Australia when Kiwis also rolled up rules to block foreigners.
The revamp of the visa program aims to ease concerns about accommodation shortages, road overcrowding, and overcapacity in major cities, the Guardian reported. To meet the criteria as high-skilled labour, workers will have to earn at least 150% of the median income.
The rising patriotism is going to cost Indians profoundly.
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