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Cricket in its true form means Romance; it's much more than a mere sport. It unites all traditions, the beliefs, and everything that a Gentleman symbolizes.
One needs to make a distinction a true sport and the glamour packed noise. Visualize a game where it's more about branding, celebrity, appeal, big business, riches more than about the Sport.
IPL was created as an answer to Zee creating ICL after our fiasco in the World Cup 2007. Zee's purpose was to make money in the name of budding stars. That's how they got the thought of the league. BCCI formed an even greater model and barred the players who went for ICL with the intent of bringing ICL down.
I don’t on the whole hate the IPL. On the contrary, I take pleasure in watching the Cricket since I am a huge cricket buff. But somehow, IPL don’t fit into my mind, here’s why-
The growing commercialisation of Cricket is something, which bothers me a lot. But over the past few years, specifically, starting from the time when India underway compromising overseas test on a usual basis, it leaves a fan devastated to see our cricketing heroes diminishing. The vast commercialization of cricket kills my love for the game!
India was once an impassable castle for non-sub continental teams. It still is at a definite level by with the overseas players getting so much revelation of our pitches and pros; we wonder how much longer we can keep this castle in one piece.
Finally, Siddhu paaji has left us alone! Still, Hindi commentators making dim-witted jokes and laughing themselves.
There have been numerous cases of match fixing out in the open in the IPLs. Remember S. Sreesanth and two of his team mates who were banned for life from playing cricket by BCCI? Quick recognition, money and lost priorities threaten to ruin the modus operandi and spirit of an entire generation of cricketers and worse, the prospect of the game itself.
Playing for the country used to be the final aim for a promising cricketer but no longer now, in its place, the aim has changed to become richer faster through IPL. This has resulted in the materialization of bits-and-pieces players.
Slapping the ball over the boundary marker has become more worthy than the usual 'flick of the wrist' boundary. All in all, just like the game has become an display of strength power on the field, it has turn out to be an display of money power, off it.
Out of the puddle of the money the IPL brings to the BCCI, only 6% is booked as the prize money, 54% is kept for the franchises and 40% goes to the IPL itself. In 2017, if it still goes on, the prize money will be just 5% of the total profits of BCCI, while IPL will have the split of 50% of the income! Nice Game.
In 2016, the winning team of IPL was offered a prize money of 15 Crores. Uhm..remember the bidding amount on Ben Strokes in2017 (14.5 Crores)? Does winning even matter? Guess it's only Apna Sapna, Money Money!
Similar to Bollywood, IPL also objectifies women. There has to be charisma of cheerleaders and a good-looking female anchor in each match who overall knows nothing about cricket.
I would somewhat say that the game has been under duress customized by the cricketing 'tycoons' to serve their sole purpose i.e. money and thus taking out the very character of the Gentleman’s game CRICKET!
Designed By Vikas Kakkar
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