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India represents a vast range of culture, traditions, and festivals. Festivals of India are the core part of its culture and heritage. Whether it is Diwali, Eid, Holi, Gurpurab, Good Friday etc. Each festival has its own spark and specialties. In terms of fashion, each festival has its own flavor and dressing style.
The festival of Eid is round the corner and ladies have already started planning and shopping for the festival. From clothes to sandals and jewelry to makeup, everything that will complete their look is on the list. So, why should women have all the fun and men lag behind?Considering the changing persona of the Indian men, here are some fashion tips focusing largely on men’s fashion tips: -
1) Clothing
Earlier men use to prefer white kurta pajama at every occasions. But today in the market we have so many options for each occasion. Just like for this Eid festival, Now we have so many options like PATHANI, SHORT KURTA, PAKISTANI KURTA etc. Just have a look.
2) Footwear
Footwear always matters, so it’s not only about clothes you have to choose the footwear according to your dress. Perfect footwear and your dressing give a full impact on others. Choose your footwear smartly on this Eid. There is large variety of footwear available on shops some examples are Nagra, Flip-flop, leather sandals, kohla puri. Just have a look: -
3) Accessories
It’s an optional thing especially for those who need some extra style touch in their getup. For every type of dressing, we have some kind of gears that enhance the whole look. Same on this Eid festival one can try these styling gears on their kurta pajamas or on other dresses. Accessories like a watch, scarf, sunglasses, leather wallet. Just have a look: -
4) Fragrances
Since you meet so many people during festivals and parties, so smelling nice is necessary. Use the best available cologne that’s not too strong and is quite long lasting. Traditional fragrances like “ittar” can be used to feel like royals. “Ittars” not only smell nice but last long as well and are also available in many flavors.
We all know how conscious men have become of their looks. They tend to outshine women during weddings and festivals now. So keep these styles in your mind while doing shopping or selecting clothes for yourself. Eid is the perfect occasion to explore a new inner you of yourself.For more fashion update tuned to Lopscoop!
Image designed by Vikas Kakkar
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