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When you’re in a fairly long relationship, there are odds that you could get bored to death of your normal sex routine - which is why it's essential to keep experimenting. Spicing up your sex life is not taught in NASA, and believe me, it not a rocket science either! Especially when you have us to guide you! If you’re looking for pro tips to keep things extra hot, then here are 8 erratic things to do in bed, that are actually quite practical too!
1- Bring in some godly-edible things right into your bedroom!
Food has been always been a perfect way to enter into man’s heart. So, bringing some chocolate sauce or strawberry with whipped cream in your bedroom will guarantee to give you a yummy treat!
2- Whisper your wildest fantasies in his ears.
Every guy loves some dirty talk so, shed your inhibitions and whisper your long guarded secret to him. I am sure it will leave him thrilled!
3- Tease him ( read arouse him)
The first stage of foreplay is all about giving a guy something to want. Make him want to chase you! Become his number one object of desire…
4- Kiss him passionately
Kissing is not merely a boring foreplay technique; it can lead to some amazing sex too! Just work a little on your passion and intensity.
5- Use your fingers wisely
Your fingers could arouse some of the deepest trenches. Use these tips:Alternate how keenly you touch him. At first, touch him and pat him very softly, then later clutch him and hold him tight. You may even want to try using your nails now and then!
6- Watch a romantic/horror movie together.
Horror movies may sound too cliché but it also does the trick. Grab some popcorn, get some cozy blanket and make your movie night a memorable one!
7- Try Shower sex
By now, you must have used all those places, but have you ever thought about shower sex? Well, if your answer is NO, then it on right away. Don’t forget to keep some lubricant handy.
Voila! Bad girls Bible is ready, I hope it will help spark that lost love and lust!
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