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When we think of a word CHILD, we think of a small kid; who studies, plays, enjoys his life and is having big dreams in small eyes. According to one survey, in the year 1971, the number of working children in developing country India was 10,753,985 while in 1991. It was increased up to 11,285,349 and today, it has further increased to 60 million. 60 million, Is it a small number? I know it is surprising for you. Some of you might not believe this statistic. But it’s true. If you are Indian and residing here, you must have seen such small children working near footpaths. But every time you saw them, you completely ignore them because it’s a kind of routine for now. Here are few stories from the rescued children.
India has a record not only for having the highest number of child laborers in the world but also for the worst working conditions for child laborers as compared to other countries in the world. The shocking truth is that most of these child laborers are lured by money and better lives by the free roaming agents (so-called dalaals). So, stop ignoring the truth, start realizing the fact.
“CHOTU Is Meant To Learn, Not To Earn” Stop Destroying them!
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