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How many times have you visited a typical Indian parlour and later thought you have she have convinced you for something wrong? I guess many times, her jibes cut you sharper than a knife, and no matter how carefully you tend your skin or hair she will find a perfect flaw to make you feel bad and later make you fall into her trap. The satirical rant is as real as it gets and you cannot avoid it even after several trials.
First, they will shatter you hard build confidence, and shower-pampering words -like you should take care of yourself, then finally compel you to spend you hard earned cash.
Here are 7 most fav words of parlour aunties, which are used us, to force us into a totally new service-
Millions of women are made fool of through ‘parlour wali aunty’s’ hands. These are to the point relatable and hilarious.
Designed By Vikas Kakkar
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