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Sex is Fun! Period. But we all need some staple sex or call it “ Ghar Ka Khana” kinda sex, which we need in our life. Everyone goes through lots of sexual experimentation throughout their course of life, but some become favs. If you are still wondering what I am talking about, then have a look at these 8 type of sex every person has once or more than once in their life.
It can better term it as ‘Modern- Day Cinderella story’! There are times when you reach out to some of the most attractive eyes in a bar and start thinking-‘There's the person, I'm going to marry’. Other times, people make eye contact across a club, and they think, Eh, OK. I guess. Those people generally wind up having a one-night stand. It's like a liaison except instead, one of them runs out of the apartment as fast and vanishes in the morning as fast as possible. Ships passing in the night and the chapter closes then and there.
‘Friends with Benefits’ is not a fake story. There's a strange train of thoughts you have when you hook up with someone you've known for a long time. Many –a –times you end you end up saying- "I can't believe this is happening,”, but actually you start enjoying it until your guilt feeling kicks off. The good chemistry and a bit of novelty involved make it pleasurable.
Okay, so it's not any type of sex that you'll want to have yet again, but hey, it's a significant milestone of your sexual career. After all that awkwardness, there is no place to go but up, and you get to graduate to sex that is a lot more pleasurable.
Up until now, lovemaking was enthused by lust. But now, a strange new assortment of sex enters the array: makeup sex. You fought, you pretty much got over it, but when you have sex right away following, you've got all this built-up rage at each other that you will take turns taking out on each other's body. Be safe, and enjoy it.
There are times when sex is so good it literally blows your mind off. Wea re talking about ‘life changing’ kind of sex, which make you realize –WHO IS THE REAL CHAMP?
Everyone needs to kick off his or her inhibition, once a while, and make wild sex enough to make your neighbour complain! Whether it's blasting your sex playlist, growling more than normal, or making a dent in your wall with the headboard, this type of sex certainly make memories.
That is well communicative or all ‘win-win’ sex. Moreover, the sex has stopped being about feeling good. Now it's a stamina test. It's all about holding out until his partner is done. You care for your partner feelings and sometimes goes extra ahead to prove it!
Enjoy the best feeling in the world!
Designed By Vikas Kakkar
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