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Eid is about to come and this year “Bhaijaan” is coming up with his flick name Tubelight. For last 7 years and so actor Salman Khan release his movie on special occasion of EID. Let just talk about his coming movie TUBELIGHT. Inspired by a Hollywood movie “Little boy” this movie already created a huge hype in the social media. But today let just analyze the previous blockbuster of BHAIJAAN and just find out whether to watch TUBELIGHT or not.
Here are 5 major factors: -
Factor 1- Story line
Analyzing the past movies, in the beginning, Salman always takes a personal life story but now from last 2-3 movies, Bhaijaan start connecting the story with some national story or some real life incident. Again this TUBELIGHT related to the era of INDO-CHINA war.
Factor 2- Acting/character
Salman Khan love to play Cop roles in his movies but if we analyze the last 2 or 3 movies BHAIJAAN start giving emphasize on different characters and in this upcoming movie, Salman will be seen playing a childish character, so let just hope for the best.
Factor 3 - Genres
For last 2 year, Salman khan’s movie totally focused on the realistic perspective and if we saw the “tube light” trailer than it again showcases the same image of common people life drama and realistic touch.
Factor 4 - Box Office Collection
From the year of 2009, you can see that the figures of all movies’ collection increased over the years. So you can judge the people, that whether they are loving BHAIJAAN movies more than anything or they willing to pay more and more movie ticket price.
Factor 5 - Releasing Date
No matter what the story is, No matter who the director is, one of the major factors that generate business for BHAIJAAN is the releasing date should be on EID festival.Good luck to TUBELIGHT!
“EID AA RAHI HAI AUR WO APNI EIDI LENE ZARUR AYEGA” A dialogue from the movie kick justifies the real BHAIJAAN. Now it’s totally up to you whether go and watch movie or sit and start criticizing the movie. But remember one thing no matter how much you criticize or how much you start manipulating the minds of Salman khan’s fan. The movie must become a blockbuster.
Stay tuned to LOPSCOOP and stays wise and smart. :)
Image Designed by Vikkas Kakkar
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