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We may call 90’s say as ridicules and weird, but they have started splashing again. And when you thought you are already done with 90’s, it made a splash again, with a BOOM. The '90s Bollywood era was a vague time, but we realize most people aren't MASSIVE fans of '90s Bollywood fashion because they were loud. Recently they have made quite a comeback and if you don’t believe me, perhaps you will believe these pictures-
How do you remember 90’s generation fashion? Was it lead actors and actress dancing on New York streets in weird, printed sarong skirts. Actually there was more to it-
Check out serious fashion trends, which are being followed till today-
1.Loose, off-the-shoulder blouses: Check.
2. Sensual. Romantic. Yellow Sari.Check.
3. Palazzo love. Stay Strong.Check.
4. Striped earth-toned maxi dresses: Check.
5. Dungarees. Alive and thriving till today.Check.
6. LBD love. For forever. Check.
7. Caged Bra. Rocking till date. Check
These fashion trends stand victorious against the test of time. Don't forget to comment which is your favorite fashion trend from the 90's era.
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