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Ours is a different society, we are a tropical country with an obsession for milky- white fair skin. Right from our homemade packs to big TV advertisements, all are targeted on just one factor.
It is a common notion that, if you are fair and lovely, chances are high that you will land up getting a good husband.
We have been hearing many being ranting about our fair skin obsession but lately, Abhay Deol’s strong stand calls out from everyone including his colleagues from the industry is best one. He raised a question on Indian beauty standards wrong by sarcastically calling out fairness cream ads.
These Fair and Lovely creams are claiming to turn brown men into Snow White with just a pinch of this magic cream!
We absolutely loved Abhay Deol’s take on fairness skin obsession. Being a public figure, he is using his influence to act responsibly to try and bring sensible changes in motion.
Talking about endorsing fairness creams, actor Randeep Hooda had earlier told Hindustan Times, "It's a colonial hangover to be fair. India, as a country, is obsessed by fairness, whereas the entire world is lying under the sun and getting a tan. I think men should be tall, dark and handsome and not tall, fair and handsome”.
Not everybody was too happy about the whole trend.
The whole idea for white-skin-love has been sowed in our minds since childhood, as our kindergarten books also featured troubling images.
But the good attempt miffed some actors like Sonam Kapoor, who thought of teaching Abhay a lesson by a very old and dirty trick.
To which Abhay Deol responded in a calm way.
Yes, Sonam in fact thought it was a good thought to pull in an Esha Deol ad into the matter rather than react to the matter of celebrities fuelling the desire for fairer skin.
We need to understand that fair & Lovely is not actually lovely! A colour cannot define beauty. AND for heaven's sake, these creams don't even work! Be proud of the golden brown Indian skin that the whole world loves!
Let’s Hope we re-think about our obsession fair skin and really appreciate that someone from these films fraternity has come forward and raised the issue of our obsession with lighter skin.
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