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Have you ever thought of Green tea KitKat? Do you know your favourite Oreo also comes in Banana Split flavour? I bet you must be thinking to Google these amazing flavours, which is sounding alien for us, but actually, they do exist. Here, 7 food flavours, which the world enjoys, but we haven’t even heard of them -
1.Dairy Milk offers jaw-dropping 7 flavours in one bar- SPECTACULAR
It may seem like a dream for you. But if you still struck with Fruit & Nut or Crackers, then move over- because the world is enjoying all these flavours-in one bars- Yes! Those flavours are Caramel, Whole Nut, Fruit & Nut, Turkish Delight, Oreo, Daim bar and, the classic, original Dairy Milk.
2. Birthday cake Oreo flavour
Too bored of trying the stick-to-the-classics cookie? Even we are. But if you thought only Strawberry and chocolate are the staple flavours for Oreo, you are wrong. Here’s, birthday cake Oreos for you, which are sharper and greasier.
3. Green Health Kit-Kat
Have you ever thought chocolates could be a healthy option? If not, then you must not have heard about Extra-powerful double-green tea Kit Kats, which are actually a hit in Japan. Moreover, it actually tastes good because of concocted flavours like matcha green tea, butter, and strawberry maple.
4. Lays Balsamic Sweet Onion flavour
We have Lays flavours, which can be easily counted in fingers. But have you ever thought of Balsamic sweet onion flavour? If, no then actually it do exists. It’s unusual but more herby and with a tang of sweet onion flavour.
5.Behold, its Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino
Just when you thought, life is dreary and dull – look at Starbucks, colorful dreamy drink. It is made with pink powder, which is blended into cream Frappuccino with mango syrup. Now that’s what dreams are made of!
6. Pepsi Strong
We have heard of strong beer but, does Pepsi also offers it strong version? It actually does. The soda is boosted with extra carbonation and caffeine and is available only in Europe, Lemongina. Oh! That is something exclusive!
7. Kinder Surprise
For Indian kids, only Kinder joy brings joy, but the USA enjoys a tastier version of the famous chocolate line called as Kinder Surprise.
Feeling jealous and angry? We can feel you!
Designed By Vikas Kakkar
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