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Ask men, they just love these 2 things utmost in their life- food, and sex! But have you ever considered these 2 spicy elements in one packet? Well, if you haven’t thought of it lately, you must because we offer you a host of options, which you can relish in your bedroom!
These food are not filling but just counts finger licking-good-messy and refreshing once. So, let’s get started with our kinky list of sexual food favs-
1- Strawberries
It may sound very cliché but strawberries are considered one of the best fruits to spice up your sex life. They are high in antioxidants and eliminate free radicals from your body. In a nut shell, it clears your blood vessel so healthy heart = better flow and more sensation below!
2- Dark Chocolate
My dear chocoholics out there in the world, we all are aware that how chocolate affects our sex life. It’s been long hailed as the traditional melt-in-your-mouth sensual pleasure that can get you in the mood. But the secret element of dark chocolate- phenylethylamine makes it a real hero! It releases lovey-dovey feeling in your brain, which elevated your mood and pleasure!
3- Raw Honey
Looking forward to a fun, sticky, wild night? Then, raw honey can be your savior, from the all-powerful honeybee. You can truly savor every drop of it by dropping it on your lover’s body! I leave the rest of the story for you to discover!
4- Whipped Cream
The truism of all sexual foods, whipped cream still serves up some immense fun. Fluff up some into her mouth and stare at her lick it all up. Caution : the results can be too overwhelming.
5- Avocados
The heavenly fruit of green goodness is the one you need for your super crazy nights. Science tells that avocados are high in folic acid, which easily breaks down to protein and give you immediate sexual stamina. It is one wonder fruit, which is amazing for both the sexes!
6- Wine
Wines are perfect for some sloppy, passionate, mad sex. Indulging with caution and set the night ablaze with fire. Pour some of your much-loved wine onto her belly button and lick it off. Wine stains don’t go away so easily so just be careful for it!
7- Oysters
This devout seafood is also called as a "virility food." Scientists claim that oysters are very rich in zinc, which is crucial for men's reproductive and sexual function. The oyster’s close similarity to the vagina coupled with its slimy texture makes for an erotic eating experience in and of itself.
Go savour the goodness!
These are plenty of foods and drink that you can use to boost the sexual mood and the previously mentioned ones can be used in combination with sexual play.
Caution: Don’t forget to keep some tissues in order to keep things neat.
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