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“My father gave me that greatest gift, anyone could give another person – He believed in ME” – JIM VALVANO
At some points, I just feel that how can I tell my father that I love him or many times, how he will understand my love for him. But I think he knows each and everything that I want to tell him because he ismy FATHER. Every relation in our life is very precious but some relations in our life are too complicated to understand.Same goes to a SON or DAUGHTER relation with his or her FATHER. A Father is considered to be the most responsible person in the family. He has so many responsibilities but apart from that, he never forget his family’s priority specially his children. He always offers his own food but never let his children to sleep empty stomach. There is no substitute for this special personality called “FATHER”
This father’s day Team LOPSCOOP wants to wish “FATHER’S DAY” in their own way by expressing their special feelings. Let just make our heart out and speak for “HIM”
DAD, you’re someone to look up in every situation, no matter how tall I become and how wise I become! LOVE YOU…
Image Designed By Vikas Kakkar
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