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Dear husband-to-be,
My heart does skip a beat every time, when I get a call from you, I start looking for corners as I read your name beeping on my phone. But these days, I am a mixed bag of emotions and I never really know what’ll hurt me, what pleases me get me pleased or what’ll freak me out. Gone are the days of romantic letters and mind-blowing, center centre-of-my-universe love, we breathe in the days of Facebook, Tinder and 2 min noodles!
So, I thought of making taking a moment to thank you for all the things which you are not, and how it is shaping my life-
If it doesn’t sound like much of a thank you. Kindly bear me.
You’re not a dream man for me, but why I will survive or let’s say evolve with you-
First of all thank you for being genuine, human, imperfect, and most decisively, for never even trying to make me believe that our life is like living in a dream. Because dreams hardly come true!
I know you don’t have infinite patience to argue with me at times, when I am unreasonable, in fact, you don’t love everything because not everything I do is lovable! But I would thank you to the moon and back, for showing me the real world and the courage to face it.
Thank you for never trying to become my “knight in shining armor.”
I adore that for knowing when to don your armor and wrestle besides me. And I love even more that you understand when it’s my duty to slay my dragons alone. There are battles in life that are meant to fight by ourselves, and I’m glad you never rob me of the occasion to sharpen my own vigor and win astuteness from a tough battle. If you were my knight, would I know how to wrestle for myself? Would I feel like I always needed you to save me? Would I ever want to be that feeble?
I’m glad you threw the fairy tale away long before you met me.
And there’s no one else in this sometimes mad, sometimes boring, sometimes beautiful, sometimes horrible world I’d rather have by my side. While it’s fun to share our imaginations, discuss our fantasies and imagine that little problems don’t exist from time to time, I don’t know if I could take pleasure in reality with any other person as much as I enjoy it with you.
I am thankful to you, to make me fall in love with you..slowly but steadily!
Imagine the passion, enthusiasm, desire, joy, escapade, and contentment we would have missed had we decided we could not settle for one another.
But I was a little girl, the fairy tales used to amaze me, I used to believe in “happily ever after” but now I am convinced that’s a myth. I’m thankful for not trying to make me happy every single day. Thank you for being wise enough to know that it’s not your job to make me content. If I couldn’t find pleasure within myself, nothing you do or say could right away turn me into a happy woman.
You’ve spared me from disastrous attempts at heartening me up or sweeping me off my feet, during times when I just need a few minutes to cool down. I’m happy your life isn’t devoted to making me smile all the damn time because a life of nothing but smiles is not a true life. I’m glad you don’t always praise me/persuade me/motivate me/esteem me and that you don’t make me feel that I’m the center of your world every single day.
Thank you, for shaping me as a strong person with good instincts and fierce attitude towards life! Let’s drink up to it!
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