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Chop, chop and you’re a new person!
The hair psychology is entwined in such a way that even celebrities flaunt their fair share of publicity after major splits. (We are talking about Katy Perry and that Pixie cut!)
In today’s world, women’s appearances are under constant watch, and there is no wonder that anytime, she changes her hair style, people gawk in either hatred or admiration. It’s become the custom to presume that a woman is trying to prove her sovereignty to the world, every time she is in the infancy of her single-doom and changes her look.
If you manage to get a whole new hairdo, you will feel a dramatic change of attitude from people around you, they will loathe you with “Looks great girl!” “New you, hot, LOVE IT”... Dialogues!
People prompt a whirl of shit-talking and accusations of women of being dramatic, longing attention, and a “compassion because she seems to have lost who she is”.
Actually, Fuck the norm!
Women don’t cut our hair for him or grasp attention, or even the Facebook likes (no matter how nice it is to see them). We don’t rock the Katty Perry pixie -do to show you “fuck off” (Because you liked long hair) or the Beyonce-length extensions because we have something to attest. Contrary to what you may think, the chief reason for these changes has nothing to do with making a declaration.
We do cut out hair post break-ups, but because of these reasons-
1. It creates new companionships
2. We reclaim ourselves again
3. It informs us that we will never lose ourselves, in spite of what grief and other pain we have experienced.
4. Be it ombre’d, purple or bobbed, it add a new character to our individuality.
5. It does make you feel new and better, both externally and internally.
The drastic change is immediate and welcomed!
Cut your hair, heal. Do what it takes. Yanking out band-aids is not easy, but it is the need of time.
Let it fall!
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