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Call it a ‘wolf pack’ or ‘BFF Gang’ every friendship circle is full of some crazy lovable people, who are inseparable.
Here are some of the most famous ones-
1. The grandma of the group
This is the friend who is always asking you to drink wisely, not to fall for Tinder dates, drink fruit juice over beer and so on.
2. Har Plan par “ Paani Pherane wala friend”
She/he is class apart, no matter how solid your planning is, he always comes with an excuse to wreck the whole trip, still has a big smile on his face. Kudos to you man!
3. The one “doesn’t exists” wala friend
Be it on your BFF Whatsapp group or in real life meetings, this friend simply exists. They are the observers of the group and always keep their ears open. It's not that they are unexcited or lack interest in your conversations, they just enjoy their space.
4. “ Aaj Kuch Toofani Karte Hai” wala friend
“Let’s go for trekking?" You'll get this text probably at 11 PM. This is the friend who thrives on haphazard, impulsive plans.
5. The “Super Busy” friend
This friend is always busy, be it his birthdays, your birthday or New Years. The standard response to everything will always be “Sorry dost! I am bit busy, Main dekhta hun kuch ho sakta hai toh!”.
6. The one which is always loaded with problems!
Yes, these people do exist! These come in two kinds; either they have a problem with your not planning for a trip or they have a problem with the place you have finalized for the trip. They are eternally crabby, but you put up with them because, at the end of the day, you are friends.
7. The one who is always ‘LATE LATEEF’!
Even if you lie about the time and ask them to come two hours early, they'll be behind schedule. It's a talent!
8. The one whose phone is always discharged.
Yes, this weird friend survives on charging points, but his phone will be never charged. Tips to spot them- Some of them have started carrying bulky power banks!
But friends are for life!
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