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Remember the time when your eyes first fell on the brand-new DSLR, the one that you own.
In that rare tender moment, you understand what love is.
You feel life has just got a meaning and a reason to live. You thought that’s it!The world shall now bow down to you. Your life has become way cooler than it used to be.
You become ‘The DSLR Wala Friend’ in your group.
You click a thousand pout selfies every day.
You get added in every whatsapp group (for pics).
You are subjected to horrors, which can be felt but must never be spoken.
These are the life lessons I have learnt by being the only DSLR guy in many friend groups. They might help you in becoming a better photographer (pun intended).
1st – Always sport a beard and tattoo, or else the society won’t accept you
It can be a full-grown beard, mutton chops, or a goti, but mind you, never dare a clean shave look.
Or else, you won’t be considered a photographer. Your fb page won’t see likes.
2nd: Be ready to be every friend’s wedding photographer. Ofcourse, for free.
The day when you click their epic hashtag day out selfie, you sign a bond to cover entire wedding, including pre-wedding to post wedding (Okay, maybe not post).
3rd- Your friends’ pictures must look like celebrity photos, even if they look like chimpanzee.
Obviously, after all it’s a DSLR pic!
4th - Because Ranbir was a hippie in Ilahi, you should be partying. Always.
Friend - Bhai, where are you?DSLR guy - At home bro.Friend - Screwdriver (drink) milega.DSLR guy - ???
5th - Whatever be the occasion or mood, don’t take offence in clicking photos.
Even if you’re coming from a funeral, or its your own birthday party, you should be clicking your friends photo. After all it’s all about Instagram story.
6th – You are the most important person of the group. You shouldn’t be in any of the group photos. Never.
7th –You were meant to be friendzoned
Accept it!
8th – You are a genius. After all you own and know how to use a DSLR.
Because you have a DSLR, you must have answers for everything.
Friend: “Bro, you click good pictures. You’re a technical genius.”
DSLR guy: Thank you.
Friend: “Tell me did the chicken come first or the egg”
I hope these lessons prove to be a guide in becoming a better photographer
After all, you own a DSLR.
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