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In the world of people having different ideologies, we don’t find many people, who have their own identity. Each and every person is acting according to the “SOCIETY”. The so-called society that only tells us how to speak, how to act, how to behave, what is right, what is wrong and BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!I am not saying that society teaches us the wrong standards of living. The only thing is that why a person can’t think about his own individuality, his own potentials, and his own interests; why always society pokes us?
If you think that you are an odd one then don’t get affected by any criticism. Always remember that if your perception is different than others then definitely, your ideas and your thinking must have clashes with other’s thinking and behaviour. You just need to keep in mind- Never take this in wrong way. Here are 5 core reasons that will help you to know why being an odd is a good sign: -
1. Live out of the Bubble!
Being odd always helps you to think beyond your boundaries. People, who live in a bubble, never think beyond their boundaries they think that if they’ll cross that boundary then they will never get the way back. But, in the same situation a person who always thinks in an odd manner believes that there are more opportunities beyond that little space.
2. Shows your perspective!
In the world full of competition, every person is getting alienated. They all just act like a puppet in this cooperate world. But if anyone has its own perspective then it is the best part that helps a person to reach his destination. Always remember, Respect your own Perspective.
3. Able to think out of the league!
Your ideas always matter. So, make your idea different from others. If you always find yourself as having an odd personality then believe me, you surely going to win the race.
4. Breaking the norms!
The world needs change and to bring the change, one has to break the norms. Being an odd personality, always posses zeal to create your path and the way towards that path.
5. Simply portray you!
Always behave and act in a way as you have never been influenced or affected by anyone or anything. Always be an optimistic. In the wide world, the only thing that matters is “YOU”.
Never judge yourself that why you are different always think that why you are different and all the people who putting fingers on you, why they all are same.It’s not about what you look like or what you sounds like but the only thing, which matter is “what you actually think about yourself”. No matter what will people say if you believe in you than everything is going to be all right!
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