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North Korea is known as the most mysterious country in the whole world. Every day, we come to know about many weird RULES and FACTS about these countries.
Let’s make another narrative on this. What if; I say that we always create our own story on the things that we do not understand? I am not saying that North Korea doesn’t have weird rules, but there are no evidences that prove whether those rules are real or fake.Let just discuss some rules and the reason why they are created for the whole world.
1) “North Korea has only 3 channels”
This means, someone wants to create this feeling that North Korean people are not at all aware of the things that are happening in the world. But if I say that in today’s world, maintaining PRIVACY is important and North Korean people want to maintain that, then?What is real? We don’t know!
2) “Half of the population is in extreme poverty”
In many online reports, North Korea is never considered under the list of poor country. According to many magazines, half of the population of North Korea is extremely poor. Now the question arises: how it can be possible?
3) “North Korea claims to have 99% of Literacy rate”
It is contradictory to the previous point that if a country is having 99% of literacy rate, how we can say that half of the population lives in extreme poverty? It’s a mysterious fact too.
4) “Have a Three Generation Punishment”
Countries like America, Russia, etc, always do a special kind of practice. They always criticise that country which is one step ahead to them. So,it may or may not be a type of negative propaganda.
5) “North Korea Uses Human Feces As Fertilizers”
No one can tell directly “Not to buy food items from North Korea” so that there would not be any increase in Food Revenue, hence, results in less competition. But by making this false statement, one can create rumor about the whole fact. So, again it may be possible that they use these things but on the other hand, it may not be possible.
In conclusion to all this, i don’t deny that the FACTS, we read on the Internet about North Korea, are not true but just want to say that if you are believing on these present facts then- Is it Right or only a Camouflage!
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