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Victoria Krundysheva, a Russia-born, India-based photographer in her latest photo series captures "The In-boxed" - We all live in a box and carry it around, wondering how to make our box differ from someone else's.
Krundysheva, a 28-year-old, Russian who has been working in India since 2012, captures major social and individual issues around the world through concept photography. Her previous photography projects include Lost Indian Goddesses, The Dark Room, and the Witch Hunt has earned her a lot of fame.
Carry it around, wondering how to make our box differ from another's.
The borders drawn in the sand by someone else are our prison.
We have our mind handed to us in a square device. Distracted by the blue sky it's showing we miss the storm that's coming our way.
Walking around, we are mere reflections of others opinions and beliefs. Who will you be if i say you can be anyone?
We are trying to connect, reaching out from one box to another.
But how can we, when we are trapped inside the box? Not seeing each other, not showing ourselves.
When we are taught this way. Brought up this way.
We are raised in a system which standardises learning, even though each child is different. A system that tells us there is only one way to look at things, only the set process or chaos.
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