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Cousins are your first best friends. They are rare kind of friends who stay close to you for so many years. The best thing about having a cousin is they never judge you , and accept you the way you are!
Here’s are 7 things , which are best enjoyed with cousins only-
1. You can gossip nonstop about your dysfunctional family without making a fuss
2. Cousins make the best sleep over partners
3. They crack joke about your embarrassing childhood secrets like no other
4. There are never-ending mentions of inside jokes and old memoirs from your school days to birthday parties you attended and no of boyfriends/girlfriends you introduced to the family!
5. You know all about your particular parents’ drama with one another, and you frequently just sit back and enjoy the show.
6. This also means they know every one of your quirks, so you're never scared to utterly ~be yourself~ around them.
7. Their mum is practically yours and vice versa!
Because you’re much more than just friends. You’re blood. Your ties are bonded for life, which is deep, you show the same pride and loyalty for your family . A friend is somebody who will be there for you when you call, a cousin is someone who will show up anyway because there’s food.
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