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Family members are considered as your best friends but if I say that sometimes these family members act like the most dangerous people in your life? Then……… Yes, sometimes our Dad, Mom, Uncle, Aunty, Uncle’s friend, Dad’s friend, Mom’s friend, Mom’s friend “ki” friend, etc., always bombarded us with their evergreen dialogues. These dialogues always attack us and hurt us to the core. Let just find out some EVERGREEN dialogues: -
1) “Agla Number Shadi ka tumara hee hai”
No matter it’s your sister’s marriage or brother’s marriage, a special kind of relative always tease you or poke you with this dialogue.
2) “Beta Bhaiya ki Shirt Choti ho gyi hai, ab tu pehena kar”
This is the weirdest punishment that every “GHAR KA CHOTA BACHA” experience. Your elder brother buys a new T-Shirt and in return you get an old scrambled shirt! OH LORD, HAVE MERCY!
3) “Jitne ho utne raho, zyada bade banne ki zarurat nhi hai”
Science proved that no one could get young and mature quickly because of a certain life cycle but our elders always think that at the age of 16, we have to behave as that of 28. How it can be possible?
4) “Kyu chahiye naye kapde tere bade bhai-behen ne too nahi liye”
Elder siblings always set examples for us, if you have any elder sibling then may God save you.
5) “Naya phone lekar kya karega, Didi wala phone rakh le 2 saal hee too purana hai”
Why always this phone “funda” only for younger child? Why can’t we break the norms and change this pattern. But NO, our parents always target the “chota” because they know that “chota” is good for nothing.
6) “Paise chahiye? Ek kaam kar apne papa ko chowk pe bhech aa jaa”
I don’t know why always parents offer themselves whenever we ask for money. This is a master technique. So, Beware!
I Hope all “GHAR KE CHOTE BACHE” experience these tantrums and if not then, believe me, GOD is showering his mercy on you. Live your life to the fullest.
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