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Are you a selfie prone traveller or looking for enlightenment while travelling? Because there are 8 types of travellers in the world, look out for yourself-
1.The Selfie lover- social media Freak
The most commonly found species in the world of travel is selfie lovers. They are mushrooming all over the world and constantly travel to feed their thirst for social media glam world and show-off. S/he clicks a picture of anything and everything s/he sees and lives for shares and likes on their timeline. Beware of them, if some time you bump into some.
2. The solo traveller
This one travels far and wide for the sake of love of it. S/he likes to discover and connect in the way of life and legacy of the place s/he is visiting. You can call this one a true traveller and not a visitor. This one likes to make reminiscences and find a deeper meaning in being, while travelling. They can offer you best recommendations and sort out your travel plan easily!
3. The thrill-seeker
Have you seen travellers flocking at bungee jumping sites or testing their action-seeking adrenaline rush in front of water rafts? They are the thrill seekers, who are willing to tie their ankles to a rubber band and leap off a bridge or whatever. There are rare to find but are a gem of a person!
4- The Escapist
Escapee by nature and quite an open heart by temperament, you can find lots of escapists while travelling. A fascinating type, laboring under that most amusing of delusions, to be exact, that anything at all - tedium, worry, disaster, guilt, fear, disappointment, conflict, one's own reflection in the mirror - can be lost with aloofness. Sadly, it cannot.
5- The occasional
This kind includes all the honeymooners and people who are travelling for a reason types!
6. The genuinely curious
Eyes, ears, mind all wide open. Rare and precious and beautiful. They are always on the lookout to find something extraordinary out of the monotonous world!
7. The party lover
The Goa people and Las Vegas people falls into this group. Like the Hippie, the Partier is easy to spot. They need a constant break from their happening life so choose to travel. They can also be easily spotted, as they love to travel in packs. One thing is certain — this person is always having a good time.
8.The flash-packer
There are backpackers, and then there are flashpackers. Though the Flashpacker loves to travel, the nitty-gritty of backpacking does not interest him or her; instead, the Flashpacker's style of travel is more luxurious than what suits the backpacker's budget.
Don’t forget to tell us which one of the above are you?
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