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Choosing clothes in summer is like the most important and difficult task because every single action towards selecting the clothes gives you comfort, style, looks, etc. But from here question arise that “how to get cool and classy look in half sleeves T-shirt”?like how can we get different look in this hot summer with same pattern of T-shirt. Here are some tricks, which can help you to beat the heat in a stylish way.
1) Hippie look!
Try to look “hippie” than always wear a simple T-Shirt with some small pattern of floral or something else. These types of t-shirt can be used both with lowers and with the denim. If you want to add some more taste to your style than use bandana to cover your head and use some cool bracelets.
2) Gentle look!
Colours never matter but how confidently you wearing them that matter. In this look as you can see you can tuck in your T-shirt just to a give classy look to you. You can use metal belt to enhance your style and add some chinos to give a perfect look.
3) Campus look!
Want a campus look? Just need to add Bermuda shorts to your dressing and add a pinch of cool bag in your overall style. You can wear slipper or espadrilles or any kind of slip-on shoes as per your choice.
4) Raw- look!
Rugged denim is the best option to get a raw look. In summer it’s hard to carry denims but the denim jogger may give a little different look and more comfort as well. Apart from that you can go for any type of T-shirt like Henley, polo neck, V-neck, round neck etc.
5) Scarf-look!
Wearing a scarf in summer is quite difficult, but if you want to look different in this summer do select a good fabric scarf, which helps you to feel lighter. Light colours always preferred in the summer, do select white, sky blue, cream, off white, and many other colours.
For more styling tips, Stay tuned to LOPSCOOP!
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