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We all are living in the DIGITAL AGE, where all the things happened with the actions of our fingertips. Everything is possible with a single click of your mouse from jobs to hookups now everything is possible, but here the question arises where we are leading? Are we leading in a right direction or this social media started shaping our minds in such a way that each and everything looks perfect for us via the lens of SOCIAL MEDIA? Let's find out with some basic but complicated reasons.
On every day we hear to know that “I found a perfect girl on Facebook”, “I found a hot match on TINDER” “Hot guy started following me on INSTAGRAM” “I should change my relationship status from {in a relationship} to single”But in this social media world we always forget about our own special relations that are not created by us but gifted by GOD to us. Relations like PARENTS, FAMILY. In this busy world we forget to ask our near one’s and start searching for new one. In this busy world one lonely mother express her feelings like : -
This new platform ultimately making us lonely.
Many researches approved that nowadays these social media making and creating a different kind of understanding. One of the examples is that, the one who use these social sites very regularly will automatically become the part of social media fights. He/she will automatically become more angry and irritated with many small-small things. It’s like we don’t control the digital world or world of Social media, but in the end this social media control us. To manipulate our mind in different directions.
Besides this fact is the trust aspect of what social media can cause within a home. At some point, parents start to lose trust in kids based on what they display on social networking sites, or things they reveal about themselves, that the parents had no idea about until “discovering” it online. Also, the kids too, start to lose trust in their parents because they feel as though they’re being eased dropped on, like they can’t get any privacy.
Start believing in yourself. Start managing your time in every activity, which is essential for daily need. Start spending time with your family too as this family meant a lot more than your ONLINE FRIENDS.Start respecting your mother, as believe it or not she’s the best friend of yours.
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