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Girls! Are you worried about your skin and hair during summers? Then it’s time to know about the fruits which will help you to maintain your skin as well as your hair. In our daily routine, we miss to take fruits, and this is our biggest mistake. Fruits contain high healthy ingredients which are much needed for our skin and hair. They give us a significant amount of nutrients which keep our skin healthy and protected.
1. Pineapple: -
Since ages, pineapple is well known for its high nutrients and low calories. It is rich in fiber and raises the production of collagen. It helps the skin from getting damaged and removes dead cells which result in healthy and skin. Along with the skin, it provides healthy nutrients for your hair, which is good for the growth of the hair.
2. Grapefruit: -
The grapefruit is good for both skin and hair as it contains vitamin C. For the production of collagen in skin, vitamin C is paramount. To reduce acne and dandruff, grapefruit is the best option even in many hair and skin care products, grapefruit is used widely all over the world. Grapefruit products are bit expensive and contain few chemicals also so go for the natural ways and add grapefruit in your daily food habits rather than using products made of grapes.
3. Papaya: -
Papaya is very popular for hair and skin treatments. It is rich in vitamin C, and this is the reason that it is widely used in skin care products and is cheaply available in the general markets. The nutrients papaya fruit contains are very helpful in skin glowing and provides luster and shine to hair. Papaya fruit act as a protector to skin from any damage and makes you look young and beautiful. If you apply papaya directly on your skin, it will result in the improvement of appearance and texture.
4. Oranges: -
Oranges are always best for hair and skin care and serve best results. Oranges are a significant source of vitamin C and excellent for our health. It can help you to improve your skin colour, texture, skin tone, length and shine of the hair. They also assist in removing dead skin and clean the skin. Today, even doctors are recommending oranges for skin and hair issues.
5. Apples: -
It is well said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away! If you rinse your hair with apple juice, it adds shine and removes dandruff. They act as an excellent toner for skin and are helpful in reducing acne problems.
6. Bananas: -
The banana fruit is always considered as the best fruit for health as it is rich in potassium and vitamins C, A and E. It repairs your damaged skin and improves the quality of your hair.
7. Peaches: -
The ingredient which peach fruit contains is excellent for the skin, in particular for the dry skin. It improves the quality of your hair making it soft and silky.
Have these fruits these summers and see a significant change in youir skin and hair. You will fall in love with your hair and skin after the results of these amazing summer fruits.
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