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Weekends are all about making great memories and sex moments are epic, given the chance they stand out. If you are still stuck with MISSIONARY, it’s time to grow up and discover new horizons and here’s how to do that-
1. Bodyguard Sex Position
How would you like, if you man cuddles you, holds you tight and never let you get out of his sight? Well, the bodyguard position may be your savior for the weekend.
To perform it with your man, you're both going to be standing straight, facing forward with your man at the back you. He'll then penetrate you from behind and envelop his arms around you. It's very simple to do. If there is a huge height difference between the both of you, then your man can bow his knees a bit to lower himself down or you can strive to stand on your toes.
One of the amazing things about the bodyguard position is that you can actually feel all of your man during sex, just like when you are spooning, apart from now he has more room and liberty to enter you with hard and fast strokes. A great way to carry out the bodyguard position is up next to a wall so that you can shove back off it into him.
2. The hot sofa surprise –me sex
The sofa bolt from the blue pose is a really fun sex position to surprise your man with. This is since your man will be sitting down all through it. This makes it ideal for when he is comforting and watching TV. So as your man is comforting in front of the TV, put on a sexy touch that you know he adores, like a miniskirt or some sexy lingerie.
Then make your way over to him, get on top of him and bestride him. Now you have an option — you can unzip his trousers right away and go without hold-up to sex — or you can take a slower loom and start by kissing him. Well, the choice is all yours!
3. Sliding Lady Sex Position
The sliding lady is most likely the most fun sex positions by outlying. To carry out it with your man, he needs to start by lying down on his backside with one leg straight and on the bed, while his other leg is twisted with his foot planted on the couch.
You need to then sit astride his bent leg opposite from him. This means that your abdomen and upper body will be facing his knee and he will be looking at your back. So if your man has his left leg bowed, you will be spanning it, with your right leg sandwiched between both of his legs and your left leg outside his left leg.
In this pose, you can grab his raised leg with your hands and pull yourself in toward him to get more spur on your clitoris, while also using it to pull yourself up and down on him. Your man won't get a load of enjoyment out of the Sliding Lady position, but if you like a lot of clitoral spur during sex, then you'll find it, really fun without a doubt!
4. G-Spot Sniper Sex Position
You can perhaps guess that the G-spot sniper pose is going to offer you with a lot of spur to your G-spot. And what's not fun about a pose that does that?
To set up in this position, you need to lay down on your backside, while your man is on his knees by your crotch. You then need to lift your legs up and to the rear, while trying to keep them straight. Your man wishes to help you with this. At this point, it's essential to keep in mind that how far back you put your legs is a personal preference.
Happy Weekend folks!
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