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It's no hush-hush that Millennials — like any other age bracket — love getting steamy between the sheets.
Nothing can match up with the heart-racing highs of early relationship sex! But as time flies, the adoring, must-have you now's often become rarer and you just imagine having a hot steamy sex days like before!
Common don’t be a sex rut, but we want to tell you biggest truth about it- Sex does change as you progress through a long-term relationship.
When you first become a couple, everything feels innovative, and you put a whole lot of attempt into relating with your partner. But that level of vigor isn’ t sustainable: ultimately, you have to redeploy your attention to other zones in your life, and sex may take a backseat. It often becomes less frequent, thrilling, and passionate.
But the moments of spark can be brought back!
Why it matters:
More than 60 percent of men said feeling wanted by their partner had the largest impact on their sexual craving.
When you first start dating someone, it’s usually pretty clear that she’s into you. But over time, that I-need-you-now feeling tends to buzz out, which can lead to the same day-to-day custom in and outside of the bedroom.
Bottom line is, it’s just nice to be comforted that you still get her going.
How to make it happen:
If you want to be clever, just confidently reinforce moments when she makes you feel gorgeous. If she tells you that you look sexy in your new dress, let her know how much it means to hear that from her.
Complimenting always wins
Utter the words, let her feel and don’t forget to give small compliments can go a long way: Tell her how sexy her figure looks in this new dress.
Why it matters:
Spontaneity is key: 55 percent of men in the study described enjoying sex that was quite spontaneous or surprising.
Any good day, when she feels perfect is good for sex. Remember that hot sex you had when you first started dating? One of the best ways to do from scratch that sensation is by experimenting in bed.
How to make it happen:
A Saturday night is the best time, to go slow and enjoy sex. You can also try a never-been-there place. Get playful in a hotel room or even in your living room, as a substitute of your bedroom.
The element of shocker turned most guys on. It almost feels more thrilling, more exciting… it just feels better.
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