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As bizarre as it may sound, a High Court judge on Wednesday gave some absolute gems of wisdom.
Judge Mahesh Chandra Sharma first confused the petitioner who had approached the court looking for action against bribery in a state-run cow refuge in Jaipur by telling that cow should be declared national animal and punishment for cow slaughter should be punishable by life imprisonment, something which had nothing to do with the original appeal.
But what followed was extraordinary, Justice Sharma who was retiring on Wednesday went on to give a clarification to his strange suggestion.
Sharma drew a lot of mockery for the shocking bit of obliviousness he displayed, as he well deserved.
His remark made peacock sex trending on YouTube also, now what do you expect?!
And people made their Friday a fun-day by posting super hilarious comments on Twitter-
Though Sharma retired as a high court judge yesterday, this tweet mainly sums up what he's given as a departure gift:
Well, the new gyan is too much to gossip for Fridays, we are looking forward for the India-Pak Match, so already over it!
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