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What happens when you see a sumptuous plate of biryani in front of you? It starts evoking myriad sensations and unstoppable * drool off chin*!
There is nothing that a good plate of aromatic biryani cannot accomplish. The king of Asian rice dishes – Biryani – has its roots deeply rooted in India. Introduced by the Muslims of the subcontinent during Mughal era, Biryani is the most much-loved type of rice to this day.
People owe their life to it, politicians woo voters with it, and festivals are incomplete without it -the delectable biryani is the darling of everyone’s life! If you are a biryani aficionado, (who isn’t!), it would be interesting to see how Hyderabadi biryani is different from Kolkata biryani, let’s find out-
This Biryani originated in Tamil Nadu and hence, has a typical South Indian twist in its preparation. The rice is cooked separately in aromatic spices and marinated chicken is further later. This method brings out the right amount of zest in the rice and chicken. The dish is a must try!
Kolkata Biryani is a meal in itself, it doesn't need any side dish. Made using long grains of rice in a perfumed ensemble of meal, spices and layered with potatoes (or bullets of flavour as they call it) is a complete delight! The meat in cooked to melt in your mouth excellence and the condiments bring the rice and meat together very well.
All bow below the king! Hyderabadi Biryani is made of rich dense fabric of flavours and spices imbibed in the juicily tender meat, and sweet-smelling long grained rice takes the humble peasant dish a notch higher. (As a biryani lover, I would not want to pause in the middle of my meal to drink water, or wipe a runny nose.)
Based on the Persian style of food preparation, the Lucknowi biryani is made with the use of a very different method known as dum pukht.
The Kerela style Malabar Biryani is little spicy and comes with chunks of deep fried meat. Malabar Biriyani is quite famous at Malabar region and along with coastline from Kozhikode, Malappuram, Kannur to Kasargod.
Sindhi Biryani is a beautiful dish finely loaded with slit chillies, coriander, fresh mint and roasted spices. Goat meat with appetizing-thick curry is added to the rice. This is the only Biryani, which has a sumptuous amount of yogurt in it!
Memoni Biryani is urbanized by the Memon ethnic group and accessible with little variations brought by different region.
Designed By Vikas Kakkar
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