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Are you counting the days on your finger for 4th June, and still it seems very far. Don’t worry, we feel you. Whole India is literally gearing up for the epic match, which will get to see after almost 2 years!
Cricket fans will glue their eye to India vs Pakistan high-octane clash at Edgbaston, England, and it can be called as the biggest cricket event.
Yeah! And we are like bring it on man!
But here’s we are telling you how to make most out of it while lazing up at your home-
1- Invite your friends and make noise!
Because why not “aisa mauka kab aaega”
2- Stash bottle of beer in your home, so you can shout your lungs out, whenever Kohli hits 6!
3- Get yourself a big LED TV, if possible- because we would love to see every catch clearly.
4- Sleep till 2 PM, because the starting from 3 PM and one need to be alert and high-octane!
5- You can start betting (obvious we will bet on India) still!
6- Order snacks beforehand, so there is no hindrance in between
7- Pray!Pray ! And pray for India’s win!
You will witness history in the making, so try to make best out of the time.
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