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God’s own country Kerela, is leading the way for a revolution of our lifetime. In Kerela, there is no room for hypocrisy and they are proud of it!
But have you ever noticed, these were the 7 times when Kerela stood out for what it believed in, and we are so proud of it-
1- When the ‘IRON-MAN’ of Kerela, the Chief Minister wrote to Narendra Modi, our Prime Minister asking him to oppose the restriction on beef ban.
2-When Kerela, united everyone from sexual minorities of all religion to celebrate Onam organized by the Malabar Cultural Forum at the Nalanda auditorium.
3- When Kerela become the only state to arrest 8 “ Gau Rakshaks” disruption Easter Celebrations.
4- When Kerela spend whopping Rs 34 crore for ‘improving’ women’s safety and security in the state
It included setting up Pink Control Rooms, which cost around Rs 12 crore. Cost of rehabilitating survivors of sexual abuse: Rs 5 crore. Cost of teaching men how to behave: Clearly, priceless
5- When Kerela MP MB Rajesh send a befitting reply to Arnab Goswami in an open letter
6- When Kerela came on roads for ‘ Kiss of Love’ protest by a group called “ Free Thinkers”!
7- When women from a medical college wrote poetry to stand against period shaming.
Think over it, what kind of society do we want?
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