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Relative [rel-uh-tiv]: (noun) A person who barefacedly asks you discomfited questions about your being life.
With the Boards exam results pouring out, a student has to go through lots of trauma and marks are not only the one, RELATIVES are! We have our mama mami, chacha chachis, bhaiya bhabhi, jija, blah blah blah blahs, and that’s only the start of it.
But if we were to classify our them, there are more or less two types of loved ones every Indian child has:
1) The ones who show a sudden curiosity in your life during the result season.
2) The ones who just don't exist.
Here’s are best replies you can use to tackle the situation-
Here's the no of relative flocking to ask your results-
Here's your relatives life sorted in 3 stages-
The first method to face the music is to play dumb.Simple.
Here's a sort of permanent solution.
Or if you really got some weirdest relative, don't meet them at all.
Here's how legends roll, by making them a special seat!
Or burn them.
And your face must be like-
From ‘OMG OMG OMG I can’t believe it!!!’ to ‘Y izz lyf so unfair’, you’ve probably been seeing them all since yesterday. But these answers will prepare you for future. Best of lucks!
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