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The “Log Kya Kahenge” dialogue has taken us by storm; it is running in our veins like blood.
It has made our life difficult in many situations and caused us the trauma of our lifetime! If you are still not convinced then try to remember "so-normal" situation from your life when you got to hear the famous dialogue.
1. When you want to work in an Investment Bank at night shifts, and people are like - " Log kya kahenge "
2. When you want to join "computer classes " rather than fucking cooking class, people are like- " Log kya kahenge "
3. When you want to marry the person whom you love, but he is from different caste, people are like " Log kya kahenge"
4. When you want to wear shorts not to show off but because they are comfortable and you love wearing them , people are like - "Log kya kahenge"
5. When you chose to become an artiste over engineer then, people are like - "Log kya kahenge"
Think, if Mahatma Gandhiji was facing the same situation, we can't think of our plight now-
Here’s the best treatment you can use for desi aunties-
I can go on and on with a long list of these. This has become a part and parcel of life for most of us by now. Whenever you do something out of the box, log kya kahenge. Dafuq should I care?
The “Chaar log” ideology has taken our world by storm
The 'Chaar Log' union has a difficult ideology, which keeps changing with their ease (it depends on the total of spice in the gossip). These 'Chaar Log' visit us in different walks of our life, especially when we are in problems. (Now, overstatement and offense are not under fire to anyone. Apologies in advance).
Ever mounting population and a resulting sense of being watched all the time is the cause of the mentality of being over conscious of the view of others. The poet quoted rightly-
" दुनियाके निगाहोमे बुरा क्या है भला क्या ,ये बोझ अगर दिलसे उतार जाये तो अच्छा ".
Liberate yourself from this mindset, just imagine
And, the list continues...
Be patient and follow your heart, but if still, these 4 log visits your house, then don’t hesitate to use your middle finger also!
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