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Love is incredible — we all know that. It’s infuriating, deep, and thoughtful. To quote Moulin Rouge,
“Love is like oxygen. Love lifts us up where we belong, all you need is Love.”
The four letter word l-o-v-e, keeps you high as if you are in arrest of some HIGH DOSE OF DRUG!
Love is a wistful, undeniable highly addictive emotion, and the whole idea of falling in or out of it is memorable, which is often inked in our hearts!
Imagine a night full of stars and you get a chance to stare in her eyes
Falling in love is parallel to falling in a big pool of warm chocolate. It's thrilling, warm, and engulfing.
Having such strong feelings about another person shake you to the core.If you still can’t believe me, perhaps you need to read, these 5 great things love does to you.
1- Love Makes You Feel Invincible
Love makes you feel as if you can conquer the world. Your approach on existence is brighter and better off. You have guts to do things you didn’t think you are capable of!
2. Love Gives You unbelievable motivation
Being in love makes you feel enthused. It gives you a can-do approach that you can approach everything, wherever, anytime. Your attitude is hopeful and always optimistic.
3. Love Makes You joyful
When you’re in love, you’re wonderfully happy all the time.
4. Love Makes You an optimistic starry-eyed
Falling in love makes you a passionate. Love gives you trust that there is a perfect person out there for you.
5. Love makes you well-heeled
Love makes you feel affluent. You don’t stress about your finance or material things because you feel so blessed. You feel prosperous in a way that matters.
Be in love and embrace it!
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