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Being a shopaholic is not an easy task, especially if you living in shopper’s paradise Delhi! An average Delhi girl spends much of her weekend time strolling through shopping corridors like considers Malviya Nagar, South Delhi, Lajpat, Connaught place is the unanimous favourite shopping destination of every Delhi girl (whether they admit it or not) and many more to count...
We believe shopping can solve wars, and it really can. But before that here’s all you have to understand a Shoppers’s behavior-
Now you must be wondering, why Delhi girls becomes such an easy prey in this shopper’s maniac Delhi-
Here's why-
1. If Lajpat steals our hearts with cheap but so-called-branded clothes, then Sarojini Market makes us drool!
2. How can you expect Lehengas and latest saaris will be left alone when Chandani chauk flaunts them with such a tempting price tag.
3. Connaught place must be a fav meeting place but, the branded shops makes our credit cards swell!
4. In Delhi, you will find more shops than on any city in India!
5. We bargain like a pro in Delhi and believe me every girl knows the trick! (Proceeded with a bite nails)
6. And if you get tired from your shopping marathon, there’s always an eatery just adjacent to the shops. And Voila you are again ready for the COUNTER STRIKE!
7. Enter South Ex with a phew, but the tempting glossy shops won’t let you pass unadulterated!
8. Where in the world will you get 1st Duplicate, 2nd Duplicate and maybe 3rd one with a price to spin your head!
9. Still, if you get to pass all of these, the SALE seasons makes it miserable!
10. My bill is HOW MUCH?
Now, just tell me- how one can expect a shopaholic to live clean in a city like Delhi which literally smells of BUY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!
And it’s already FRIDAY , so what are you thinking?
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