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Having dark underarms is a very common thing found in every other girl but if it persists, it becomes very tacky and irritating with its dirty stinky look and appearance afterall who doesn’t want to flaunt beautiful and white underarm. Each and every trick is applied be it a skin lightning treatment or a normal home remedy which sometimes work but most of the time it goes in vane bringing back the darkness to its place.So here we mention some of the tips to beautify your underarms.
1) Apply sugar
Sugar is a great exfoliating ingredient which is considered one of the best stuffs for brightening an underarm. Be it a white sugar or brown sugar anything can be useful.
2) Lemon juice
This is again one of the best thing to whiten up an underarm. It has alpha hydroxy acid compound with a pinch of chemical exfoliating substance that helps in removing dead skin cells as well as the ingrown bacteria that is the real cause.
3) Grape seed oil
It is filled with nutrients that includes linoleic acid which gently allows the eliminate the dry and black area and converting the skin into a soft and fair one.
4) Turmeric paste
This paste is like a miracle on the skin as turmeric is believed to provide a cooling effect to the skin.
5) Yogurt
It contains lactic acid and an alpha hydroxy acid which leaves your skin brighter and clearer.
So these were some of the quick tips which will make you look more pleasing with such gorgeous underarms.
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